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About Superior Weighting Products

Superior Weighted Products, LLC specializes in high quality chemicals including mud chemicals used in oil and gas exploration. The company enjoys a sterling reputation in the industry for its best service and product quality. Being a quality driven entity, we meet various quality standards, requirements, specifications and expectations of all of our clients.

Safety, environmental issues and compliance with various national and international regulations are the top priorities of Superior Weighting Products, LLC. We relentlessly commit ourselves through modern development research, to develop customer-friendly additive products and services.

Challenging projects require persistent monitoring and critical engineering support, AES provides innovative products and services to drill complex subsurface conditions including horizontal, directional, geologically deep and offshore drilling. Drilling fluids companies often offer “generic” solutions; AES prides itself in offering unique processes to optimize fluid design for specific applications.

Empowered with diverse experience in this booming industry, we are devoted to establishing ourselves as the reliable customer-oriented global-supplier of drilling fluids.